Projects Completed and Underway..

Past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Been working on a lot of different personal and client projects… Sometimes high on natural enthusiasm and sometimes powered by Caffeine.

I have been up to:

  • Completing client websites.
  • Creating online presence for my sister who has started out as a doctor.
  • Buying my own domain name and setting up a v-card.
  • Adding business cards to ContentPad
  • Honing my mad Photoshop skills.

And we have more projects in the pipeline… Wonder when I’m going to get some sleep?

Here are the screen-shots on everything completed so far.


WordPress and Yahoo Web Hosting

So, one of my clients asked me to move a WordPress based website over to his Yahoo! web hosting account and I thought this would be a breeze of a job. I could not have been more wrong.

I’ve done several WordPress blog and site setups on a number of different web hosts. Yahoo was something I had not done and now I am less than thrilled with the results I’m finding. It’s frustrating for me – but really frustrating for my client who was really looking forward to go live with this project.

Here are some details that I’ve found – hopefully you will find this list helpful when making a decision to host your WordPress blog on Yahoo! hosting.

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Simple Resume Guide



Using verbs and adjectives effectively adds impact to your resume. Read this section again carefully just before you actually begin writing.


The typical resume merely lists duties and does little else to sell the person. One of the best ways to sell yourself is to describe accomplishments in terms of results. Duties are often covered by “Responsible for …” Results are generally covered by using the verb developed, such as “Developed a secretary’s manual which explained hundreds of procedures and significantly reduced clerical errors.” This person’s duties were typing, filing, and answering phones, so to show that she stood above the rest, she demonstrated results.

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Working on a new website

Been a long time since I have updated this blog… hardly getting any time to eat properly. But we are back and working on a brand new website for ContentPad. The current website is a simple and humble affair. I am looking forward to preparing a better and more professional looking version of the website. The website will retain the close personal and youthful touch that the clients have liked so far.

Yes, I am working alone on the project right now… Whew!

It would have been much easier to outsource the work but I prefer to go the “DIY” route and learn a few crucial skills myself. It would make sense to get my hands dirty and learn the stuff myself. You never know where learning might come in handy 🙂

I will be putting up more updates in coming days once this stuff gets sorted out.

Add Facebook Button to Email Signature

Note: I will no longer be updating this blog as I have moved to a personal domain name. You can find more posts by me at

I have been emailing my clients for quite some time now and the signature at the end of my emails looked like this:

Simple and nothing special about it

Now, I wanted to be able to add atleast a couple of social bookmarks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to make the signature look just a bit better. Nothing flashy though.

Since, I use Thunderbird as my email client, I set out on a long journey to put in buttons and images and then linking them to URLs.. nothing worked.

Then I found, the WiseStamp Email Signature plugin for Thunderbird and Firefox and it worked like a charm.

Wisestamp empowers your web mail signatures in Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL. Simply add the plug-in to firefox or Thunderbird and configure your signature in a couple of simple steps.

Now my Signature looks like this:

Signature with Linkedin and Twitter Buttons

I have kept it simple and just added two buttons. You can add tons of buttons like:
Amazon, Bebo, Blogger,, DeviantART, Digg, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Flixster, Friendfeed, Google, Google Wave, Linkedin, Livejournal, Meetup, MyBlogLog, MySpace, Netflix, Netvibes, Orkut, Photobucket, Picasa, Plaxo, Plurk, Reddit, Seesmic, Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter, Typepad, Upcoming, Vimeo, VisualCV, WordPress, Xanga, Xing, Yahoo, Yedda, Yelp, Youtube.

Reviewing Alienware – Mixing Work and Play

Finally! … The weekend is here!

Time to put my feet up and relax. Catch up on a few movies and recharge my batteries for the next week.

Been working pretty much round the clock all week to set-up things at ContentPad. Must say that every thing is falling into place pretty well and we are making good progress. I must confess that I was wary of work turning into boredom, but the kind of projects we have been bagging makes for some very interesting work.

Reviewing an Alienware machine is a pleasure in it self. I have managed to get my hands on an Alienware Area 51 and machine is MONSTROUS!.. and weighs an amazing 40 Kgs! The thrill of playing Call Of Duty MW2 and Crysis on this behemoth is unparalleled!

Work does not get better than this!

Getting into the groove

Finally, a blog for myself! Frankly I am surprised that the URL for my name was still available with Word Press.

After months of deliberation and planning, my first venture is underway and here’s hoping that it turns out good.

After working freelance for quite some time, we have rolled out the first edition of Content Pad. The idea is  to provide technical and web content to small and medium enterprises and SOHOs. Second edition plans to expand to SEO services.

Have been stuck neck-deep into work all week-long but we have started to gain some momentum. Have bagged a few clients to keep us busy 24X5 for the next few months. Work will be primarily based on technical content and auto-piloting  a couple of blogs.

Past few weeks have been hectic trying to figure out a web host, purchasing domain names, following up on leads and setting up the infrastructure.

Why did I go the Entrepreneur way?

Couple of reasons:

  • Got tired of working in a corporate environment. I have realized that if I put in the same amount of effort while working for myself, I will earn twice of what I was earning previously.
  • Undergoing an MBA education has changed the way I think. I would rather be generating employment than being employed by someone else.

Feels good to launch a project from the cradle of our MBA school. Let’s see how the next few months turn out.