WordPress and Yahoo Web Hosting

So, one of my clients asked me to move a WordPress based website over to his Yahoo! web hosting account and I thought this would be a breeze of a job. I could not have been more wrong.

I’ve done several WordPress blog and site setups on a number of different web hosts. Yahoo was something I had not done and now I am less than thrilled with the results I’m finding. It’s frustrating for me – but really frustrating for my client who was really looking forward to go live with this project.

Here are some details that I’ve found – hopefully you will find this list helpful when making a decision to host your WordPress blog on Yahoo! hosting.

  • Yahoo documentation screams that they have an installer for WordPress but the actual control panel has nothing vaguely similar to WordPress. Some research suggested that Yahoo! could not keep pace with each new release of the WordPress and decided to do away with the feature altogether.
  • FTP connectivity was down for 7 straight hours and would snap if two different login ids were used simultaneously over the same account…. Frustrating
  • Even if wordpress installs, the installation is wiped away after about 30 mins!... Seriously Yahoo!.. WTF?!
  • Yahoo! hosting does not give their users access to the htaccess file –  So, if any other WordPress feature.. addon or plugin that you may need your .htaccess file for? Forget it – they do not give you access to it. Period.
  • Yahoo! requires that you install WordPress in a subfolder – rather than at the root. (Major turn-off)
  • No support for permalinks. (Keep your dirty links to yourself people, Yahoo! has no support for them)

Many of my clients are small business or marketing clients. Many of them want different interactive features included in their blog setup – like the WP Contact Form, the Email Subscription form, the “Email this post to a friend” – – all of those are plugins developed for WordPress – – but none of them work on Yahoo! hosting because Yahoo! forces you to use yahoomail instead of phpmail. (This was the deal-breaker for me and I will now sincerely advice anyone to not go for Yahoo web hosting).

Now, I am a geek and can actually consider digging into PHP code files to find a work around for this bullshit that Yahoo! is serving upon its clients. My clients, however, obviously would not want to pay my hourly fee to do it – and would rather go through the much cheaper process changing of webhosts, where things actually do work without all the hassle and headaches.

I did take the time to get support from Yahoo! on these issues and got this gem of reply, which is a copy-paste response from their documentation.

Question: Does Yahoo! provide support for WordPress?

Answer: No. WordPress is a free open-source utility that we have made available through your Web Hosting Control Panel as a service to you. We’ll help you activate WordPress on your site, and we provide the technical infrastructure you need to run WordPress (PHP and MySQL), but we do not offer any technical support or a warranty with the WordPress software.

This is the only way I could capture my dismay

Cliff Notes: Stay away from Yahoo! web hosting if you want to use WordPress.


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Vikram is an entrepreneur and sporadic blogger. He has a rich working experience in the IT consultancy sector and has now launched his own venture - Content Pad. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer (Technical) at Content Pad. Check out random facts about him @ https://vikramrathore.wordpress.com/about/

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