Add Facebook Button to Email Signature

Note: I will no longer be updating this blog as I have moved to a personal domain name. You can find more posts by me at

I have been emailing my clients for quite some time now and the signature at the end of my emails looked like this:

Simple and nothing special about it

Now, I wanted to be able to add atleast a couple of social bookmarks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to make the signature look just a bit better. Nothing flashy though.

Since, I use Thunderbird as my email client, I set out on a long journey to put in buttons and images and then linking them to URLs.. nothing worked.

Then I found, the WiseStamp Email Signature plugin for Thunderbird and Firefox and it worked like a charm.

Wisestamp empowers your web mail signatures in Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL. Simply add the plug-in to firefox or Thunderbird and configure your signature in a couple of simple steps.

Now my Signature looks like this:

Signature with Linkedin and Twitter Buttons

I have kept it simple and just added two buttons. You can add tons of buttons like:
Amazon, Bebo, Blogger,, DeviantART, Digg, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Flixster, Friendfeed, Google, Google Wave, Linkedin, Livejournal, Meetup, MyBlogLog, MySpace, Netflix, Netvibes, Orkut, Photobucket, Picasa, Plaxo, Plurk, Reddit, Seesmic, Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter, Typepad, Upcoming, Vimeo, VisualCV, WordPress, Xanga, Xing, Yahoo, Yedda, Yelp, Youtube.


About Vikram
Vikram is an entrepreneur and sporadic blogger. He has a rich working experience in the IT consultancy sector and has now launched his own venture - Content Pad. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer (Technical) at Content Pad. Check out random facts about him @

2 Responses to Add Facebook Button to Email Signature

  1. rob says:

    if i reply to a message with my “wisestamp” image in it (i.e. 3rd email in a string) thunderbird error messages “cannot find file, make sure you have access etc…
    delete the wisestamp image and the email can be sent…does not work so well for me 😦

    • Vikram says:

      Hey Rob… Are you using the default image options provided by wisestamp or trying to include a custom image on your own?

      The default options should have no problems, if you are using a custom image, then it may be having troubles locating the image.

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