Reviewing Alienware – Mixing Work and Play

Finally! … The weekend is here!

Time to put my feet up and relax. Catch up on a few movies and recharge my batteries for the next week.

Been working pretty much round the clock all week to set-up things at ContentPad. Must say that every thing is falling into place pretty well and we are making good progress. I must confess that I was wary of work turning into boredom, but the kind of projects we have been bagging makes for some very interesting work.

Reviewing an Alienware machine is a pleasure in it self. I have managed to get my hands on an Alienware Area 51 and machine is MONSTROUS!.. and weighs an amazing 40 Kgs! The thrill of playing Call Of Duty MW2 and Crysis on this behemoth is unparalleled!

Work does not get better than this!


About Vikram
Vikram is an entrepreneur and sporadic blogger. He has a rich working experience in the IT consultancy sector and has now launched his own venture - Content Pad. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer (Technical) at Content Pad. Check out random facts about him @

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