Getting into the groove

Finally, a blog for myself! Frankly I am surprised that the URL for my name was still available with Word Press.

After months of deliberation and planning, my first venture is underway and here’s hoping that it turns out good.

After working freelance for quite some time, we have rolled out the first edition of Content Pad. The idea is  to provide technical and web content to small and medium enterprises and SOHOs. Second edition plans to expand to SEO services.

Have been stuck neck-deep into work all week-long but we have started to gain some momentum. Have bagged a few clients to keep us busy 24X5 for the next few months. Work will be primarily based on technical content and auto-piloting  a couple of blogs.

Past few weeks have been hectic trying to figure out a web host, purchasing domain names, following up on leads and setting up the infrastructure.

Why did I go the Entrepreneur way?

Couple of reasons:

  • Got tired of working in a corporate environment. I have realized that if I put in the same amount of effort while working for myself, I will earn twice of what I was earning previously.
  • Undergoing an MBA education has changed the way I think. I would rather be generating employment than being employed by someone else.

Feels good to launch a project from the cradle of our MBA school. Let’s see how the next few months turn out.


About Vikram
Vikram is an entrepreneur and sporadic blogger. He has a rich working experience in the IT consultancy sector and has now launched his own venture - Content Pad. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer (Technical) at Content Pad. Check out random facts about him @

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